Gary Baseman: Knowledge Comes with Gas Release

Gary Baseman: Knowledge Comes with Gas Release
Library Shelf Location 18.BASE
Publication Date 2008
Description Product Description This book is a sample of the Gary Baseman's latest series of paintings, "Knowledge Comes With Gas Release". 'I removed the narrative and concentrated solely on the iconic nature of my work. I simplified the main subject, so I could become more complex with the design form of the Manifestations of Desire. I challenged myself to interact with the portrait element in the most extreme way possible. Desire now not only lives in the atmosphere, but also on the figure itself. The figure wears desire like a hat, hair, beard, ears, pimple, flowers, pollen. Open to all and every interpretation. Melting, dripping, clinging, oozing, dripping, dripping, dripping. The desire bubbles have popped' - Gary Baseman. About the Author Mr. Baseman has demonstrated his work in Rome, Los Angeles, New York, Taipei, Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Berlin, including an exhibition in the Laguna Art Museum, titled, "Preevasion". Parallel to his life as an artist, he's also an outstanding illustrator, t.v. producer, and animator. Among his achievements he has been awarded three EMI for the animated series "Teacher's Pet", a number of works for the New Yorker, Time and Rolling Stone, he designed the video game "Cranium", of which converted into a best-seller. Gary Baseman is one of the head exponent of the underground artistic movement in Los Angeles and is who also coined the phrase, "Pervasive Art". His work melds the frontier between the toy culture and contemporary art with his potent and iconic images, at the same time filled with dark humour, infantile and adult. His work is surrealist, innocent, lascivious and fun.
ISBN 9788493618230
Quantity 1
Pages 44 Pages
Format Hardback
Publisher Iguapop Gallery
Related Artist Gary Baseman
Categories Painting, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Artist's Nationality American (USA)
Languages Spanish, English

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