Gary Hill: Resounding Arches

Gary Hill: Resounding Arches
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Publication Date 2005
Description Archi risonanti/Resounding Arches consisted of a number of visual and sound installations exhibited at the Colosseum and the Temple of Venus in Rome between 14 April and 31 July 2005. On 11 June 2005 [link] a performance installation with the same title took place at the Colosseum at night time. It lasted for about one hour. The installations were formed by a number of images, barely visible in the sunlight, in dialogue with evocative sound. The images, marking sudden epiphanies, were projected at different time intervals on 6 separate arches, 3 for each of the tiers of the Colosseum. Seemingly appearing out of nothing, they had a fugitive, dreamlike quality. They were not invasive – not immersive – not really there. They represented nude human hybrids, digitally modified, each carrying a ‘meta-mythological instrument’ (, viewed 03/05/05) which, at the occurrence of its own sound, folded upon itself like a Möbious ring ‘incessantly looking for new typologies’: the instruments resounded 'through their own process of metamorphosis as if their presence had been declared through the very elongation of the human bodies’ (ibid.). The viewer encountered the sound, produced by a horn, in passing the resounding arches. The viewer was also able to listen to the relationship between sounds which built up to an uncanny cacophony. The horn, used for annunciation, prepared the audience for the possibility of a message.
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Pages 159
Editors Ester Coen, Giuliana Stella
Formats DVD, Paperback
Publisher Electa
Related Artist Gary Hill
Related City/Region Rome
Related Country/Global Region Italy
Artist's Nationality American (USA)
Languages English, Italian

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