Geoff Weston: Off

Geoff Weston: Off
Library Shelf Location 18.WEST
Publication Date 1998
Description Off brings together work produced by Geoff Weston between 1987 and 1998. Included are images from the notorious series Bad Taste (pools of vomit photographed outside of pubs and clubs in Newcastle) as well as newer work such as Pigeon and the recently completed piece Gold Rush (which depicts Judy Garland's sparkling shoes - from The Wizard of Oz - cutting a bloody swathe through a taxonomic landscape of American roadkill).
ISBN 0906458137
Quantity 1
Pages 32
Authors John Roberts, Val Williams
Formats Catalogue, Paperback
Publisher Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
Related Artist Geoff Weston
Categories Installation, Photography
Related Gallery Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
Language English

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