Geordies: Roots of Regionalism

Geordies: Roots of Regionalism
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Publication Date Dec 2005

First published in 1992, "Geordies: Roots of Regionalism" had an immediate impact both within the region and beyond. The first book of its kind to take English regionalism seriously, "Geordies" pioneered what has become a vital part of the debate on contemporary Englishness. Originally published by a small publisher it was soon out of print and there has been much demand for a reprint during the last decade. "Geordies" captured that early 90's moment when Newcastle stepped across the threshold into a post-industrial future. Robert Colls explored the notion of cultural reinvention while Bill Lancaster explored Newcastle and was the first writer to examine the forces that was soon to create the 'party' city. Alan Plater analysed the region's considerable literary and dramatic conditions and Tom Hadaway examined, with his characteristic style, the centrality of humour and dialect to regional culture. Other contributions include David Byrne on politics, Harvey Taylor on sporting heroes whilst Elaine Knox captures the moment when young Geordie women became more economically important than their male counterparts and took control of the agenda of the streets. "Geordies" created the platform for contemporary regional studies in the North East. The book remains an indispensable guide to all those interested in the contemporary North in particular and English regionalism in general. And we anticipate a similar response to the second edition of what is often recognised as a key text in contemporary writing and analysis of the North East.

ISBN 9781904794127
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Pages 198
Author Robert Colls, Bill Lancaster
Format Paperback
Publisher Northumbria University Press
Category Local Interest (Northeast of England)
Related Cities/Regions Newcastle upon Tyne, North East (of England)
Language English

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