Georgina Starr: The Bunny Lakes

Georgina Starr: The Bunny Lakes
Library Shelf Location 18.STAR
Publication Date 2002
Description Bunny Lake is missing. I repeat it three times, each with a different referent. Bunny Lake is Missing is the title of an Otto Preminger film. "Bunny Lake is missing" in the film is the report, which sets the plot in motion, of an authority - either a school or police - or an exclamation of a mother. "Bunny Lake is missing" is also the organizing principle of a related group of works by Georgina Starr that take Preminger's 1965 film as a point of departure.
ISBN 0953245810
Quantity 1
Authors David Beech, Georgina Starr, Philip Monk
Format Hardcover
Publisher Emily Tsingou Gallery, London
Related Artist Georgina Starr
Categories Live Art/Performance, Film and Artists' Moving Image
Related Gallery Emily Tsingou Gallery, London
Artist's Nationality British/UK
Language English

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