Going Public: Arcipelago Balkani. An Alternative Map

Going Public: Arcipelago Balkani. An Alternative Map
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Publication Date 2011

ARCIPELAGO BALKANI. An Alternative Map –published by Silvana Editoriale–  is a journey towards  the ‘Balkans’, providing an analysis of the contemporary cultural life of the cities and their people through the eyes of artists, students and writers, in collaboration with various local institutions. An intense programme, two years of work and research, of exchanges and reflections, starting from the reality of three case-study cities: Skopje (Macedonia), Tirana (Albania) and Sarajevo (Bosnia). The project examines the contamination between contemporary art, urban development and various social phenomena. ARCIPELAGO  BALKANI. An Alternative  Map, edited by Claudia Zanfi, brings together texts, photographs and maps by theorists who have sought out and gathered together first-hand testimonies of the Balkans, as well as alternative travel logs recounting the direct experiences of international artists. Skopje, Tirana, Sarajevo. A glance at the future of this young ‘factory’ that is the Balkans. New landscapes, alternative cultural paths leading to cities in permanent becoming. The  project analyzes the contamination between contemporary art, urban development and social issues.

Quantity 1
Pages 160
Author Claudia Zanfi
Format Paperback
Publisher Silvana Editoriale SpA
Category Public/Landscape Art
Keyword maps
Languages English, Italian

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