Graham Parker: Fair Use (Notes from Spam)

Graham Parker: Fair Use (Notes from Spam)
Library Shelf Location ABC-PARK
Publication Date 2009

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‘Not My Will but Thine be Done’ – P.T. Barnum’s gravestone inscription

Graham Parker’s Fair Use (Notes from Spam) considers the reviled phenomenon of spam e-mails, as a symptom of globalisation and as part of a historical continuum of deceptions played out through the communications technologies of each age.

Taking the form of a heavily (and spuriously) footnoted account of key moments in communication history, Parker’s associative archive ranges from US computer landfill sites in Nigeria to server farms in Virginia; from maps of nineteenth-century railroads to websites charting the current spread of a rogue seaweed through ships’ ballast tanks; from fake timelines of the last 200 years drawn from spam source code, to accounts of the historical origin of archetypal confidence tricks; from screen-grabs of spectral banking websites to the physical ‘big stores’ of depression-era long con tricks, interspersed with images of Parker’s own artworks and fragments of his crowded mail inbox.


ISBN 9781906012045
Quantity 1
Pages 210 x 140 mm; Edition of 1,000 copies
Format Softcover
Publisher Book Works, London
Related Artist Graham Parker
Categories BALTIC Archive Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artists' Books
Language English

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