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Publication Date 2011

Graphite was named by German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1789, an allotrope of carbon the name is derived from the Greek, graphein meaning: to Draw or Write. The precise, and formal, relationship between the material's name and it purpose, or action, will be explored through the work in this exhibition. Graphite will consist of emerging and more established artists, many with alumni links with Northumbria University, The exhibition explores work that engages drawing (in graphite) as a formal instrument for conveying aesthetic, conceptual, or philosophical ideas. The exhibiting artists are: Alice and Joe Woodhouse, Michael Mulvihill (Vane Gallery), Louise Hopkins (Doggerfisher Gallery), Richard Forster (Ingleby Gallery), Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Jane Millican, Cath Campbell (Workplace Gallery), Peter J Evans (Workplace Gallery). The approaches of these artists evoke the practice of Vija Celmins, and we are currently negotiating the loan of a Vija Celmins drawing for this exhibition.

As part of BALTIC Self-Publishing Artists' Market 2018 the Women Artists of the North East Library had a one-day residency in BALTIC Library researching the collection for records of exhibitions and projects by women artists associated with the North East. The documents found were pulled out of the collections to form a new online reading list of BALTIC Library. This also contributed to the Women Artists North East Library’s research.

This book now forms part of that reading list and includes interviews with Jane Millican, Cath Campbell, Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Alice Woodhouse.

ISBN 9780956543301
Quantity 1
Pages 94
Authors Michael Mulvihill, Joe Woodhouse, Helen Baker
Format Paperback
Publishers Arts and Social Sciences Academic Press, Newcastle, Gallery North, Newcastle
Related Artists Louise Hopkins, Michael Mulvihill, Cath Campbell, Laura Lancaster, Peter J Evans, Rachel Lancaster, Jane Millican, Alice and Joe Woodhouse, Richard Forster
Category Drawing
Keyword Women Artists of the North East Library: Reading/Viewing List
Language English

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