Gray Fraser: Gray's Brain

Gray Fraser: Gray's Brain
Library Shelf Location ABC-FRAS
Publication Date 2003

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Gray’s Brain documents the physiological and psychological effects of the fictitious Hidden Rebellious Gene (HRG) on the brain in case study 666. The accordion book reads in two directions: Part A shows the damage caused by the HRG to the frontal cortex in series of MRI scans of the artist’s brain. Part B recounts the psychological symptomatology of the mutant gene as an illustrated chronicle of 666’s radical rebellious behavior (RRB) from age sixteen to twenty-four when he entered a Visual Arts Program and began re-channeling his energies into creative work. Not all suffereres of Hidden Rebellious Syndrome are as lucky: the gene has been known to breed right-wing totalitarian politicians too.

ISBN 2980777900
Quantity 1
Pages 1pp
Format Concertina format
Publisher Production Gray Editions
Related Artist Gray Fraser
Categories Artists' Books, BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Medicine, Constructed Auto-biography, Documentary
Language English

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