Greg Rook

Greg Rook
Library Shelf Location 18.ROOK
Publication Date 2007
Description "The first Americans, faced with the vast and overwhelming starkness of the western landscape, romanticised the solitary traveller as Adam in an America seen as the prototype of nature. As the stories were retold the cowboy became a kind of centaur, a living emblem of instinctive freedom whose strength was in his self-reliance and sense of purpose. My paintings celebrate the absurd romance of this loner and his affinity with raw nature and the frontier wilderness." Greg Rook
Quantity 1
Author James Brooks
Format Paperback
Related Artist Greg Rook
Category Painting
Related Gallery Lounge Gallery, London
Related Curators/Producers Greg Rook, Jost Munster, Monika Bobinska
Artist's Nationality English, British/UK
Language English

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