Grenville Davey: Interalia 2014

Grenville Davey: Interalia 2014
Library Shelf Location 18.DAVE
Publication Date 2014

An exhibition of sculptures and drawings by the 1992 Turner Prize-winning artist Grenville Davey. This work, inspired by notions in T-duality and mirror symmetry in string theory where there are surprising pairings of objects, is borne out of collaboration and exchanges of ideas with Dr David Berman from Queen Mary University of London. The viewer is challenged to see beyond difference and explore the relationships between pairs. Davey is a visiting professor at University of the Arts, London.

ISBN 9781906203757
Quantity 1
Pages 28
Authors Daisy McMullan, David Berman
Format A5 booklet
Publisher CHELSEA space
Related Artist Grenville Davey
Keywords string theory, quantum physics, cosmology, symmetry

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