Ground Control: Technology and Utopia

Ground Control: Technology and Utopia
Library Shelf Location 31.BUCK
Publication Date 1997
Description This text documents and expands upon an exhibition programme of the same name; a project organized by the London based arts initiative Beaconsfield and Jutempus - a similar artists-led space in Vilnius, Lithuania. The volume comprises a collection of diverse essays by established authors reflecting on the broad divisions and links in culture and history between Eastern and Western Europe. In particular, the nature of nationalism is examined with regard to the role of contemporary art following the demise of communism. The essays are accompanied by a selection of illustrations by contemporary artists from both the UK and Lithuania. Artists featured in the work include: Lucy Gunning, Matt Collishaw, Fiona Banner, Evaldas Jansas, Dziugas Katina and Linas Liandzbergis.
ISBN 0952177323
Quantity 1
Pages 290
Authors Susan Buck-Morss, Leonidas Donskis, Julian Stallabrass
Format Paperback
Publisher Black Dog Publishing, London
Category New Media/Digital Art
Keywords Utopia, Technology
Related Cities/Regions London, Vilnius
Related Countries/Global Region Britain/UK, England, Lithuania
Languages English, Lithuanian

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