Gunilla Klingberg: Spar Loop (01)

Gunilla Klingberg: Spar Loop (01)
Archive Shelf Location 9/009:17
Publication Date
Description Still image from Gunilla Klingberg's 'Spar Loop' DVD Projection (2000). From the exhibition Outlanders: Contemporary Artists from Stockholm, a collaboration between BALTIC and Waygood Gallery in March 2001.
Copyright The Artist - Gunilla Klingberg
Formats 35mm Slide, Transparency
Related Artists Charlotte Aberg, Ebba Matz, Felix Gmelin, Gunilla Klingberg, Jonas Nobel, Lena Malm, Peter Geschwind, Thomas Elovsson, Thomas Karlsson
Months March 2001, April 2001
Keyword Outsider Art
Related Event Outlanders: Contemporary Artists from Stockholm, Waygood Gallery 2001
Related Galleries BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
Related Curators/Producers Sarah Martin, Paul Stone
Issue Assorted B4B Artists: 1996-2001

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