Ha-Ha: Contemporary British art in an 18th Century Park

Ha-Ha: Contemporary British art in an 18th Century Park
Library Shelf Location 17.HAHA
Publication Date 1993
Description This exhibition proposes a dialectic of several creative aspirations as fourteen artists, responding to the distinctive qualities of an immaculately styled environment, realise their art for a definite context. They work with an imaginative reading of a specific place and relate to signs of an era manifested through the richly evocative language of a Romantic landscape.
Quantity 1
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Publisher University of Plymouth
Related Artists Antony Gormley, Cornelia Parker, Georgina Starr, Grenville Davey, Peter Randall-Page, Vong Phaophanit, Colin Rose, Anya Gallaccio, Craig Wood, Louise Short, Abigail Lane, Peter Appleton, Sarah Staton, Audio Arts
Categories Public/Landscape Art, Sculpture
Related City/Region Killerton Park
Related Gallery Spacex Gallery, Exeter
Related Curators/Producers Iwona Blazwick, Peter Pay
Language English

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