Happiness in Everyday Life

Happiness in Everyday Life
Library Shelf Location 17.EVER
Publication Date 2009
Description This autumn, the Contemporary Art Center of Art Tower Mito (ATM) is pleased to present a group exhibition entitled "Happiness in Everyday Life." The exhibition tackles the theme of the "everyday" from various angles, featuring paintings, videos, installations, sculptures and photography by 14 Japanese and international artists, each offering a unique take on concepts and situations relating to the "everyday." The artists featured in the group exhibition are as follows: - Yuusuke Asai uses masking tape and soil to create expansive wall paintings. - Guy Ben-Ner's video work features his own family acting out everyday situations with wit and humor. - Hiroaki Morita presents a new video "clock" work shot in Mito and neighboring towns. - Shinji Ohmaki's installation continues to transform and change its appearance through footprints left behind by visitors to the gallery - Tatsuo Miyajima gives expression to life itself using red LED displays. - Takahiro Iwasaki fashions delicate, miniature worlds out of daily necessities. - KOSUGE1-16 is an art collective that creates interactive sports-based pieces. - Katsuhiko Hibino makes light-hearted graphic works. - Satoshi Kamiya makes elaborate origami (folded-paper) pieces. - Kayo Ume's snapshots capture pleasant "definite moments" from ordinary life. - Atelier Bow-Wow's Manga Pod is a space for reading combined with surrounding bookshelves. - Yoshinari Nishio's work uses photographs and clothes to express family relations that change with the passage of time. - Hiroshi Fuji creates installations out of unwanted toys. - Marco Bohr's new work was created using photographs as intermediaries in Daigomachi (Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan). Through these works, this exhibition invites us to reflect on the various ways of life we lead today, prompting us to reexamine the familiar scenes and landscapes that we have grown accustomed to seeing, and which have now become a natural part of the "everyday."
ISBN 9784943825821
Quantity 1
Editors Tsukasa Mori, Yuu Takehisa
Publisher Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Keyword Everyday life
Languages Japanese, English

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