Hasta La Victoria,Stencil!

Hasta La Victoria,Stencil!
Library Shelf Location 09a.INDI
Publication Date Jul 2005
Description "The need to break on through and create interference in this world we're living in calls for action. It feels good to be here, now and for ever . . . Let's get out on the streets! To stencil, forever!" As if in response to these words by artist, DOMA, here is a veritable wealth of vibrant stencil art on Argentina's streets. The images are presented without text: the works are intricate, simple, beautiful, colorful, informative, and funny. Hasta La Victoria, Stencil! is an exploration of all things stencil--from stencil art's first appearance in Argentina in 10,000 B.C., to the ways in which stencils are used today: as a reaction to a socio-political situation, as an artform, as poetic terrorism, and as a history lesson (after all, the book's title is adapted from Che Guevara's immortal words, "Hasta La Victoria, Siempre!"). It also provides detailed stencil instructions for readers ( . . .Stick everything in a bag, wait till it gets dark and find a wall . . . ). Quite appropriately, this highly topical book's cover features a die-cut title . . . Until Victory, Stencil!
ISBN 9508890851
Quantity 1
Pages 240
Editor Guido Indij
Format Paperback
Publisher La Marca
Related Artists Luis Seoane, Juan Carlos Romero, Siluetazo, Ral Veroni, El Plan, Mariano Le Vatte, Fernando Bustillo, Fernando Traverso, Mujeres Publicas
Category Graffiti/Street Art
Related Country/Global Region Argentina
Languages Spanish, English

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