HeLa: Post-show Discussion

Publication Date 05 Jun 2014

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Thursday 5th June 2014.

Following the HeLa performance, BALTIC Professor Christine Borland is joined by Professor Volker Straub and the writer and performer of HeLa, Adura Onashile, for a discussion concerning the issues raised in the work: genetic identity, social responsibility and current ethical debates about human tissue research and ownership.

Christine Borland is BALTIC Professor. Through her research in laboratories, scientific and medical institutions, Borland has rendered visible people and practices which are usually inaccessible to a general public. Professor Volker Straub, Harold Macmillan Professor of Medicine at Newcastle University, has an international reputation in the study of neuromuscular disease.

Quantity 1
Speakers Christine Borland, Volker Straub
Format MPEG 4
Related Artist Adura Onashile
Category Live Art/Performance
Keywords Race (concept), Illness, Ethics, Genetics, Gender issues, Science, Medicine
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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