Hell Bound: New Gothic Art

Hell Bound: New Gothic Art
Library Shelf Location 06.GOTH
Publication Date 2008
Description The first book to focus on new gothic art, Hell Bound highlights a generation of contemporary artists who are increasingly obsessed with the darker things in life. Illustrators, street artists, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, installation artists and painters are all reflecting this renewed interest in gothic imagery. Horror has become a more accepted part of everyday life - and art, as always, is a reflection of life. Here death metal, the war on terror and throwaway pop culture meet, feeding the popular fascination for all things gothic. Among the art featured is the iconoclastic work of Ken Kagami, Terence Koh, Ricky Swallow, the photographic collages of Marnie Weber, the drawings of Chloe Piene and Wes Lang, the paintings of Matt Greene and Iris Van Dongen, the outsider punk art of Pure Evil and the illustrations of French.
ISBN 9781856695633
Quantity 1
Pages 176
Author Francesca Gavin
Format Paperback
Publisher Laurence King Publishing Ltd, London
Related Artists Amie Dicke, Chloe Piene, Christian Jankowski, Des Hughes, Olaf Breuning, French, Jonathan Meese, Noe Sendas, Ricky Swallow, Nuno Cera, Banks Violette, Sue de Beer, Terence Koh, Luke Caulfield, Matt Greene, James Hopkins, David Noonan, Dr Lakra, Iris van Dongen, James Aldridge, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Elina Merenmies, Izizmu Kaoru, Sarah Woodfine, Stephen Dunne, Gabriela Fridriksdottir, Ken Kagami, Wes Lang, Joss McKinley, Pure Evil, Putrid, Boo Saville, Bill Saylor, Erik Tidemann, Marnie Weber
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Death, Mutilation, Decay, Punk, Skulls, Contemporary Gothic
Language English

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