Hewitt & Jordan: Futurology: The Black Country 2024

Hewitt & Jordan: Futurology: The Black Country 2024
Library Shelf Location 18.HEWI
Publication Date 2004
Description From the Hewitt & Jordan website "Futurology: The Black Country 2024 is a project by Andy Hewitt and Mel Jordan in which artists and young people team up to examine the current social, economic and political conditions in the Black Country in order to imagine their future. When we think about the future, we are faced with the present; our future being in many ways dependent upon the actions and decisions we make today. Futurology examines the social, economic and political conditions of the region and how these might influence the future of young people who live here.The project sub-title, points toward a future only twenty years from now, when the young people involved in the project will be adults, perhaps with school age children of their own. The project seeks to question the systems and conditions that affect young people, and in fact, all of us, by exploring issues of citizenship and authority, work and progress, and property and ownership."
ISBN 18999266313
Quantity 1
Pages 1
Authors Melanie Jordan, Andy Hewitt
Format Paperback
Publisher New Art Gallery, Walsall
Related Artists Simon Poulter, Becky Shaw, Hewitt & Jordan, Barby Asante, Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson, Dave Beech
Categories Public/Landscape Art, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Political art, Sociology, Citizenship
Related City/Region West Midlands
Related Gallery New Art Gallery, Walsall
Language English

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