Hinterlands | Sheree Angela Matthews

Archive Shelf Location BALTIC2022M
Publication Date 27 Oct 2022

The Country Journal of a Blackwoman (Northumberland) (2022) is a composite palimpsest – a piece of writing on which later writing has been superimposed – exploring the matrilineal connections within the Northumberland landscape. In this work, Matthews seeks to remember and reclaim evidence of Black female presence. Fabricating maternal histories, the work presents the identity and life of a composite Black woman through her visual country journal. Her body and creative journal are exposed, expanded and transformed into soundscapes, photography, collages and text.

The work is an ongoing study of the Black female body within nature to revive a matrilineal tradition connected to the landscape. It seeks to challenge colonial histories, making sure that Black women’s stories are told and present.

Matthews sees landscapes as palimpsests, with the different layers of bedrock, soil, and vegetation cover, connecting and supporting each other. She also argues that human beings are living palimpsests, layering our experiences, traumas, and memories in our bodies, minds and souls, over our ancestors' stories.

Format MPEG 4
Related Artist Sheree Angela Matthews
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Keywords BALTIC Level 3: Art Space, Ecosystems, Landscapes, Care, Time, Custodianship, Identity, colonial histories, Black identity, Trauma, Memory
Related Cities/Regions North East (of England), Northumberland
Related Event Hinterlands (22 October 2022 – 30 April 2023)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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