History of Disappearance and the Institutionalisation of the Avant-Garde: Seminar

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Publication Date 18 Jun 2005

This seminar questions the role of the institution in relation to live art practice. Drawing on the work of Franklin Furnace, founding director Martha Wilson chairs the day's events. Britta Wheeler, sociologist and exhibition contributor adresses the institutionalisation of American perrformance art. Featured artist Billy Curmano discusses his practice as environmental statement. Artist Leslie Hill talks about issues of place and placelessness in performance and Courtney J. Martin, curator of The C-Series exhibition, talks about the artist book as an interactive and activist medium. Please note: Leslie Hill has unfortunately not been recorded and is therefore missing from this audio clip.

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Formats Seminar/conference, MP3, Audio
Related Artists Leslie Hill, Helen Paris, Billy X Curmano, Britta Wheeler
Month June 2005
Categories Artists' Books, Live Art/Performance
Keywords Avant-garde, BALTIC Live Art and Performance
Related Event History of Disappearance: Live Art from New York 1975 - present (18 June - 4 September 2005)
Related Galleries BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Franklin Furnace
Related Curators/Producers Martha Wilson, Nicola Hood
Language English

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