Ho Tzu Nyen: Night March of Hundred Monsters

Ho Tzu Nyen: Night March of Hundred Monsters
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Publication Date 01 Jan 2021

Ho Tzu Nyen created works that cross the boundaries of genre and media, including moving images, installation, sound, and theater. Dynamic and captivating, much of his work is set in Asia and radiates out from his native Singapore. His ongoing exhibition at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, ”Ho Tzu Nyen: Night March of Hundred Monsters,” employs animation to depict a hundred humorous yet peculiar Yokai parading through the darkness of the night. Taking shape of a Yokai, you will also find some of the Japanese historical figures from the World War II who were involved in the occupation of  Malaya. Both referred to as the “Tiger of Malaya,” General Tomoyuki Yamashita and Yutaka Tani, the model of a popular ‘60s superhero TV show “Kaiketsu Harimau,” are part of the procession accompanied by a number of soldiers, spies, and thinkers of the time whose activities remained in the dark. These Yokai, emerging from the cracks of the everyday, incarnate an era that was fascinated by evil. 


Although they always caught the interest of the masses with fear and curiosity, the Yokai too changed over time, wandering the liminal zones between folklore and science, nature and the supernatural, oblivion and nostalgia. The disappearance of the Yokai with the advent of the Modern era, followed by the war that wrecked the world, and concluded with the current contemporary Japanese culture; at a point where these past and present merges, Japan’s convoluted history and its intellectual history surfaces. This catalog functions as an introduction to each of the hundred Yokai as well as a guidance to break down the various and complex elements hidden within the exhibition

ISBN 9784907562335
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Pages 220 x 140mm, 280p.
Editors Nose Yoko, Amino Nao
Author Ho Tzu Nyen
Format Softcover
Publisher Torch Press
Related Artist Ho Tzu Nyen
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords Japanese art, History, myths, Monster

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