Home for Obsolete Media

Home for Obsolete Media
Library Shelf Location 31.DORI
Publication Date 30 Jun 2021

Audio tapes, records, audio cassettes, and Super8 film – once they were all media standards. In the digital age however they have been superseded and are being discarded or else stored at the very back of the cellar. Artists and collectors however remain faithful to obsolete media and create something new out of old machines. Starting with select objects, different obsolete media are introduced in a technological and culture historical context. Works by Flo Kaufmann, Christian Marclay, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, and other artists demonstrate the potential inherent in working with analogue finds.

ISBN 9783856169497
Quantity 1
Pages 146
Editors Raffael Dorig, Flo Kaufmann
Format Paperback
Publisher Christoph Merian Verlag
Category New Media/Digital Art
Keywords Media, Digital Age, Audio tapes, Records, Audio Cassettes
Languages English, German

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