How To Mend: Motherhood And Its Ghosts

How To Mend: Motherhood And Its Ghosts
Library Shelf Location 05.MERS
Publication Date 2018

If I'd been more aware and someone had asked me about "my mother's picture" I would have shown them the bird she'd stitched onto the canvas herself. It is not aesthetic vision or skill that summons my mother's presence in this canvas, but the slight punctum the bird gives me. I get nothing of this sort from our studio portrait. The bird's eyes are always looking at me, as though they belong to her. The bird. Motionless. For whose sake my mother sat and stitched by the window where the light came in, each pinprick a symbolic laceration in the process of its embodiment: cuts by the hundred to make it whole.

ISBN 9783956794254
Quantity 1
Pages 166pp
Author Iman Mersal
Format Paperback
Publisher Sternberg Press, Berlin
Category Art Theory
Language English

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