I had a dream you married a boy

I had a dream you married a boy
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Publication Date 06 Oct 2020

Valerie Phillips on 'I Had A Dream You Married A Boy' I have known Arvida since 2012 when a mutual friend decided we had to know each other. I ve known her as an artist, photographer, influencer, model, friend. At the beginning of 2020, Arvida and I talked of going on a road trip through her native Sweden to shoot new work together. When the pandemic made that impossible, we decided we would shoot it over wifi. Skype and FaceTime. Arvida in the suburbs Stockholm, me in London. She took me into dark fairytale forests, while I sat on my bed in Kentish Town directing her, drinking coffee my boyfriend made downstairs in our kitchen. It was fun going virtually to the supermarket in a Swedish shopping center, Arvida filling her cart with groceries she had to translate for me. I accompanied her through lockdown life we walked her dog Pedro, made breakfast, took a bath, ran around in nature, tried on clothes and danced around the house. And I never left mine. We are seldom together in person for long, but what I like best about our relationship is how we always communicate in the exact same way, regardless of human touch or tech.

ISBN 9780954340384
Quantity 1
Pages 120
Author Valerie Phillips
Format Paperback
Publisher Longer Moon Farther
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Lockdown, Communication, Technology
Language English

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