I love LA: Postcards from a volatile corpus

I love LA: Postcards from a volatile corpus
Library Shelf Location 29.WAUG
Publication Date 2001
Description The best maps are those that give us license to depart form known routes, encouraging exploration and discovery, remixing precise cartographies, delivering new networks or lines of flight. As technologies impact on our understanding of the body, revealing ecological limits beyond which ethics and the human condition are called into crisis, I Love LA affirms a complex web of transient aesthetics orbiting bodies without fixed borders. Artist and critic Joshua Sofaer invokes seven advertisting slogans from consumer magazines and summons up the provocative, diverse and sometimes misunderstood practices of artists whose work contributes to the celebrated Live Art scene in the UK. Critic Adrian Heatherfield evokes a series of intimate encounters with 'digital apparitions'. His diary details online exploration of sites engaging with the shifting contours of Live Art on the international topography of the Internet. His journey is a non-linear flight from Gilbert & George through a multitude of sites including those of Orlan, da2, The Geurilla Girls and Stelarc. A series of 10 artworks, commissioned by the Visual Arts Department on the theme of mapping. A collection of websites which intersect the practice of Live Art.
ISBN 0728708124
Quantity 2
Editor Mark Waugh
Authors Adrian Heathfield, Joshua Sofaer
Formats Paperback, Postcards (in card sleeve)
Publisher Arts Council of England
Related Artists Aaron Williamson, Anna Best, Rona Lee, Ronald Fraser-Munroe, Robert Pacitti, Tim Etchells, Otiose, Stuart Home, Laurence Lane, Blast Theory
Category Live Art/Performance
Keyword Cartography
Language English

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