I NY: New York Street Art

I NY: New York Street Art
Library Shelf Location 09a.BURN
Publication Date Sep 2005
Description I NY documents the street art that appeared in New York City in recent years. It offers an exciting look at an art form that is not simply graffiti and that has begun to appear in museums worldwide. The work created with paints, stencils, coloured tiles, stickers, wood, scissors and wheat paste demonstrates a high-calibre design sensibility and is often integrated into its environment in subversive and surprising ways. Featuring examples by new talent as well as established names including Faile, Swoon, Bast and Rot Gut, I NY is a permanent time capsule of the constantly changing images that are as much a part of New York City as hot dog carts and Central Park. This book contains approximately 500 photos lovingly taken and compiled by author and street artist Kelly Burns that capture the pure, unabashed and authority-defying expression of this art form.
ISBN 3899550838
Quantity 1
Pages 288
Author Kelly Burns
Format Paperback
Publisher Die Gestalten Verlag
Related Artists FAILE, Swoon, Bast and Rot Gut
Category Graffiti/Street Art
Related City/Region New York
Language English

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