In Conversation: Hajra Waheed and Professor Steve Graham

Publication Date 29 Jan 2016

Artist Hajra Waheed and Prof. Steve Graham, Professor of Cities and Society, University of Newcastle will discuss surveillance and drone technology.

Prof. Graham draws on critical social and urban theory in his research to address some of the key challenges facing our rapidly urbanizing world, relating to urban aspects of social and digital surveillance, the politics of urban security and the ‘new military urbanism’. His new publication Vertical: Looking at the City From Above and Below (Verso, 2016) will address the ways in which questions of security, war and political violence now permeate deeply into the everyday spaces, sites and circulations of urban life on a planet where 75% of the population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050.

Prof. Graham's research has played important roles in the rapid recent growth of critical social scientific work on urban surveillance and the proliferation of work across many disciplines on the implications of the digital media revolution for urban life.

Author Steve Graham
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Related Artist Hajra Waheed
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