In Profile: John Wood and Paul Harrison

In Profile: John Wood and Paul Harrison
Publication Date 2003
Abstract John Wood and Paul Harrison have been collaborating for 10 years. There isn't an obvious word for what they do together. They are performance artists, of sorts. Their work is also a video piece, never a live show. Its look is minimalist. It partly suggests the controlled experiments of conceptual art - but equally the slapstick routines of physical comedy. ' Sculptural pratfalls' is about right. The basic Wood and Harrison ingredients are two plainly dressed and deadpan men, some elementary props, a confined white room, and (no less crucial) a fixed camera positon. Each piece shows a single, elegant, laconic and startling operation in three dimensional space.
Quantity 1
Format DVD
Publisher Arts Council England
Related Artists John Wood, Paul Harrison
Category Installation
Language English

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