Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time

Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time
Library Shelf Location 06.TIME
Publication Date 2011
Description In Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time, Olga Ast collects original essays and visual meditations on the nature of time. Filmmaker Phillip Adams once said, “Of all the big questions of existence… none impacts our daily lives more than the problem of time.” The notion of time has always mystified and attracted the speculation of societies and civilizations. Where does it come from? Can it be saved, stopped, suspended, or reversed? Will it ever end? In Infinite Instances, eighty contributors seek answers and provide a range of enlightening, multidisciplinary time-related studies. The unique viewpoints in Infinite Instances come from a staggering number of fields, including architecture, journalism, poetry, physics, visual and media arts, biology, photography, engineering, film, history, music composition, writing, psychiatry, and design. Essays delve into imaginative subjects like the effect of modern technology on the experience of time, cyclical time structures and diatonic rhythms in music, and the disparity between psychological and actual age. It includes a catalog of people’s drawings of the passage of time; devices that capture a drawn record of the daily growth of plants, and a potential “time machine.” With astounding clarity, insight, and original thinking, the contributors in Infinite Instances come together to chip away at the inscrutable nature of time. Olga Ast is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist whose work investigates the connection between space, time, and information, and their impact on everything around us. In 2009 Ast organized and curated the ArcheTime conference and exhibition dedicated to exploring artistic, academic, and scientific concepts of time. The project is supported by Artspire (a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts), the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Tank Space for Performing & Visual Arts, the NYC Future Salon, EFA Project Space, WIX Lounge, and SET gallery.
ISBN 9781935613213
Quantity 1
Pages 239
Editor Olga Ast
Format Hardback
Publisher Mark Batty Publisher, New York
Category Art by Subject
Keyword Time
Language English

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