Introducing Postmodernism

Introducing Postmodernism
Library Shelf Location 04.POST
Publication Date Sep 2004
Description Here is the new expanded edition of the international bestseller Introducing Postmodernism. Has the 21st century resolved the question of 'postmodernism' or are we more than ever ensnared in its perplexities? Postmodernism seemed to promise an end to the grim Cold War era of nuclear confrontation and oppressive ideologies. Fukuyama's notoriously proclaimed 'end of history', the triumph of liberal democracy over Communist tyranny, has proved an illusion. We awoke in the anxious grip of globalization, unpredictable terrorism and unforeseen war.This book traces the pedigrees of postmodernism in art, theory, science and history, providing an urgent guide to the present.
ISBN 1840465751
Quantity 1
Pages 190
Authors Chris Garrat, Ziauddin Sardar, Patrick Curry, Richard Appignanesi
Format Paperback
Publisher Icon Books
Category Theory
Keywords Globalisation, Postmodernism
Language English

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