Isa Genzken: Ground Zero

Isa Genzken: Ground Zero
Library Shelf Location 18.GENZ
Publication Date 2008
Description The publication – styled as an architecture or Inflight magazine - presents a new body of work, architectural proposals for Ground Zero, the twenty first century’s most historically significant site. These proposals take the form of architecturally induced sculptures produced in consultation with a specialist team of engineers to ensure that each model can be realised to the approximate scale of the World Trade Towers. Running contrary to official designs, Genzken envisages buildings with a social purpose – a church, hospital, car park, disco, memorial and shopping centre. Her proposals draw upon the artist’s long-standing love affair with America’s breathtaking cityscapes and all pervasive culture. With its glitzy, seductive surfaces, slim rectangular forms and frenetic energy, the work betrays a fascination with the skyscraper. New York represents a vital source of energy that the artist returns to again and again and which is intrinsically related to what she does: “To me New York has a direct link with sculpture.” Consisting of brightly coloured fabrics, outdoor parasols, sheet steel, mirror tile, saccharine photographs of animals and a plethora of household chintz, Genzken’s output is ultimately precarious: a hedonistic concoction in which clashing elements congregate and collide. For over thirty years she has developed a radically variegated career that refuses to let the viewer know what to expect.
ISBN 9783865217400
Quantity 1
Pages 64
Authors Benjamin Buchloh, David Bussel
Format Magazine
Publisher Steidl
Related Artist Isa Genzken
Category Installation
Keyword Architecture (subject)
Related City/Region New York
Artist's Nationality German
Language English

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