It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists & Writers

It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists & Writers
Library Shelf Location 06.WOME
Publication Date 2011
Description It Is Almost That collects twenty-six visionary image+text works by women artists and writers. Supremely imaginative in their use of word and image, these hybrid works are steeped in narrative play and subversion, inviting readers to engage in multiple modes of reading. The first in a series that embodies Siglio’s unique editorial mission, It Is Almost That features substantial excerpts or the works in their entirety—many previously unpublished, difficult to find, or long out-of-print—by renown, little known, forgotten, and emerging artists. The works include a painted autobiographical novel by a young artist who died in the Holocaust (Charlotte Salomon); the transformation of the front pages of newspapers into alchemical drawings (Suzanne Treister); a computer-generated chance operation that “imagines” houses and their inhabitants (Alison Knowles); the pseudo-scientific examination of mother-daughter conversations (Eleanor Antin); and drawings called “body maps,” inscribed with stories of HIV-positive South African women (Bambanani Women’s Group), among almost two dozen others. Edited by Lisa Pearson, this collection is not organized like a traditional anthology; rather, it creates a constellation of works that exceed categorical boundaries. While many works may be recognized by their various connections (such as to Fluxus, Conceptual, Feminist, and Outsider art as well as to experimental literature, etc.), the collection aims to engage both literary and art audiences, reorienting the reader so that these works may be seen and read anew. CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Eleanor Antin Bambanani Women’s Group Fiona Banner Louise Bourgeois Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Cozette de Charmoy Ann Hamilton Jane Hammond Susan Hiller Dorothy Iannone Bhanu Kapil & Rohini Kapil Helen Kim Alison Knowles Ketty La Rocca Bernadette Mayer Adrian Piper Charlotte Salomon Geneviève Seillé Molly Springfield Cole Swensen & Shari DeGraw Suzanne Treister Erica Van Horn & Laurie Clark Carrie Mae Weems Hannah Weiner Sue Williams Unica Zürn
ISBN 9780979956263
Quantity 1
Pages 291
Editor Lisa Pearson
Format Hardback
Publisher Siglio
Related Artists Adrian Piper, Alison Knowles, Eleanor Antin, Fiona Banner, Jane Hammond, Louise Bourgeois, Erica Van Horn, Ann Hamilton, Carrie Mae Weems, Sue Williams, Laurie Clark, Suzanne Treister, Dorothy Iannone, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Cozette de Charmoy, Bhanu Kapil and Rohini Kapil, Helen Kim, Ketty La Rocca, Bernadette Mayer, Charlotte Salomon, Geneviève Seillé, Molly Springfield, Cole Swensen and Shari DeGraw, Hannah Weiner, Unica Zürn, Susan Hiller
Categories Art by Subject, Text Art
Keywords Feminism, Women
Language English

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