Jaki Irvine: The Square Root of Minus One is Plus or Minus i

Jaki Irvine: The Square Root of Minus One is Plus or Minus i
Library Shelf Location 18.IRVI
Publication Date 2008
Description “From the toothless girl in Sweettooth (1993-94), to the interactions between humans and animals in In a World Like This (2006), Jaki Irvine’s art has to do with the acknowledgment of strangeness. How odd other people are. How the world seems full of coincidences and signs meant just for me one moment, and utterly meaningless the next. How everything seems coherent, and then suddenly falls apart. How animals can seem like us, and we like them, yet at the same time we know that they have a perception of the world that we can never inhabit. Irvine’s oeuvre, comprising mainly films and videos, most often in the form of installations, explores not only the extremes of passion, of love and hate, of possession and loss—to the point at which these emotions become unrepresentable—but also the mundane and the everyday, the things that happen on a walk to the park or a trip on the underground, where people’s paths cross, and encounters are missed”. Jaki Irvine is one of Ireland’s most respected contemporary artists. This book brings all of Irvine’s moving image work together for the first time, providing a unique opportunity for readers to experience the full depth and strength of her work to date.
ISBN 9788881587025
Quantity 1
Pages 160
Authors Michael Newman, Sarah Glennie
Format Paperback
Publisher Charta
Related Artist Jaki Irvine
Category Film and Artists' Moving Image
Artist's Nationality Irish
Language English

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