James Capper: Ways to Make Mobile Sculpture

James Capper: Ways to Make Mobile Sculpture
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Publication Date 2017

James Capper makes mobile sculpture to be used in action in a wide range of materials or terrains. His works are sculpture, and sculptural tools in - or ready for - action. Drawing is an important part of his practice and he makes large numbers of drawings of all kinds - from concept drawings (defining, developing and outlining new ideas and concepts for sculpture), technical drawings (line or filled-in drawings used to work out how the sculpture moves) to presentation drawings (spectacular, often large-scale, coloured drawings showing the sculpture in its complete form) and in-action drawings (complex drawings showing the sculpture in movement across space and time). In this way, for every realised sculpture, there are a large number of drawings accumulated from conception to completion, as well as drawings made after the sculpture is finished; it is characteristic of James to draw his sculptures well beyond the fabrication period and even to return to specific sculptures through drawings years after they are made. James Capper's way of making mobile sculpture consists of three distinct but interrelated processes - drawing, making sculpture and the capacities and application of the sculpture in action understood and developed through testing, filming and subsequent demonstrations. His art adopts the techniques, materials and complex problem-solving processes of innovation and engineering to develop the possibilities of sculpture. His sculptural language evolves along different modular chains termed 'Divisions'. Each sculpture produces questions that the next attempts to answer, so that over time each Division produces its own clear familial iconography and application in action. The works vary in size, from hand-held Power Tools in the Carving Division to larger scale works sitting in the Earth-marking or Material Handling Divisions, and Offshore Division works envisaged for use on the water or Aviation Division flying works.

ISBN 9780992717179
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Pages 144 p, ills colour & bw, 29 x 29 cm
Author Nancy Durrant
Format Hardback
Publisher Albion
Related Artist James Capper
Categories Drawing, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Sculpture
Keywords machines, Kinetic Art

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