James Hutchinson


11 December 2004 - 20 February 2005

James Hutchinson combines an interest in drawing with his skills in manipulating images through computer software. His recent work is concerned with exploring what happens when late-night doodles using pencil on paper meet the latest cutting edge technology.

The content of the drawings comes from the artist’s everyday bank of mental images – from magazines, films and art, to comic strips and children’s television. Through a painstaking system of processing these images on screen, and the application (and misapplication) of software, Hutchinson removes his work from its humble origins, turning pixilated lines into gliding curves. The outcomes, which the artist also makes available on the world wide web, are presented at BALTIC in a variety of ways: plasma screens show over 1000 drawings in a matter of minutes, scaled up doodles are hand painted onto vast white gallery walls, and, in a large scale projection, Hutchinson collaborates with programmers to build interactive, self-generating architectures onto which hundreds more drawings are applied, creating continually evolving three-dimensional shapes.

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