Jarg Geismar: The Optimists

Jarg Geismar: The Optimists
Library Shelf Location 18.GEIS
Publication Date 2003
Abstract In his exhibition 'The Optimists', Jarg Geismar displays an evident ambition to experiment with the exhibition medium in order to reach beyond the traditional, object based exhibition. In the Bauhaus tradition of totally integrating arcitecture, design, sculpture, painting, film, typography and photography, Jarg Geismar seems to have found the inspiration to work with the exhibition as a total experience. from the actions of the Situationists and the growth of the happenings and performance art in the sixties one can find traces of the artist's own prescence in the work.
ISBN 9186828711
Quantity 1
Pages 88
Author Bo Nilsson
Format Paperback
Publisher Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm
Related Artist Jarg Geismar
Categories Installation, Live Art/Performance
Related Curator/Producer Niclas Ostlind
Language English

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