Jasmina Cibic: Statecraft and Soft Power (part 2)

Publication Date 16 May 2018

Join artist Jasmina Cibic, Juliet Jacques, writer and filmmaker, BALTIC Curator Alessandro Vincentelli and BALTIC Professor Andrea Phillips for a focused panel discussion around the role of performance, archives and the acute way that Cibic develops the female presence and voice from past histories. This session will also focus on the conversation around ‘softpower’ unpicking its meaning and its use in art and architecture and in developing and framing the rise of nationalism.

Speakers Alessandro Vincentelli, Juliet Jacques, Andrea Phillips
Format MPEG 4
Related Artist Jasmina Cibic
Keywords Nationalism, Architecture (subject)
Related Event Jasmina Cibic: THIS MACHINE BUILDS NATIONS (9 February – 28 May 2018)
Language English

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