Jeff Koons: Easy Fun - Ethereal

Jeff Koons: Easy Fun - Ethereal
Library Shelf Location 18.Koons
Publication Date 2003
Description For his recent series of work entitled Easy Fun-Ethereal, Jeff Koons employs new computer technology to merge populist icons into desktop collages, which he then transforms into traditional oil paintings rendered with photorealist precision. Drawn from glossy magazines and advertisements, the imagery includes smiley-faced sandwiches, spiraling roller coasters, succulent lips and abstract juice splashes. These hybrids of fun and fantasy simultaneously celebrate childhood pleasures and adult sexual desire: in keeping with Koons's stated intention to "communicate with the masses," the cheerful works are accessible to all. Accompanying an exhibition of seven large-scale paintings commissioned for the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, this lively volume features 40 full-color reproductions. Art historian David Sylvester's interview with Koons puts forth the artist's perspective on his career to date, while Robert Rosenblum's essay provides an in-depth analysis of the technique and imagery employed in EasyFun-Ethereal. Essay by Robert Rosenblum.~Interview by David Sylvester.
ISBN 0892072385
Quantity 1
Pages 80
Author Jeff Koons
Formats Catalogue, Hardcover
Publisher Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation
Related Artist Jeff Koons
Categories Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture
Keywords Fantasy, Eroticism, Photorealism (fine arts style)
Related Gallery Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin
Related Curators/Producers Robert Rosenblum, Lisa Dennison
Language English

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