Jennie Savage: /STAR: a psycho-topography of place

Jennie Savage: /STAR: a psycho-topography of place
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Publication Date 2006
Description STAR Radio was a project that explored the specificity of a 1 – mile geographic area. By exploring this area in all of its multiplicity the project sought to create a relationship between the micro and the macro; in looking very closely at the specifics of a place one discovers all places, all peoples and in fact, all the world, here. This was the premise of STAR radio. The realisation of the project came through the construction of a framework which sought to examine STAR as a multi- layered map, or to suggest a multiplicitous reality. The creation of radio programmes plotted points on a virtual map, connecting groups of people, thoughts or ideas to one another- in order to construct a psycho – topography of the area. That is, a map of information which is un-mappable, the local, everyday knowledge which belongs to place and, because of its acute subjectivity and personality, is rarely revealed as ‘information’, it is simply lived knowledge. My practice often refers to this idea of lived knowledge or local knowledge. I believe that this kind of information can not be ‘extracted’ or ‘studied’ in the academic sense, it has to be revealed through a collaborative process which invites a shared participation and also a shared outcome. From this basis STAR Radio evolved. Before going into the mechanics and ideas relating to the project I would like to give a brief outline to and describe what STAR Radio was. STAR Radio was a 1 week broadcast event. Between October 22- 29 2005 we broadcast to the suburban districts of Splott, Tremorfa Adamsdown and Roath. The content of the broadcast, however, was the result of a 6 months process based in these localities which invited people to come to the Radio Shop, on Clifton Street, make radio programmes, host talk shows or do some research or audio work relating to an aspect of the place. 17 artists were also invited to respond to the area and present radio programmes developed during this 6 - month research period. The one - week broadcast was the final transmission of this work. When the broadcast was finished all of this sound (some 160 hours of programmes) was re-organised into a web - based archive and also shown as an audio archive at the National Museum and Galleries of Wales, in December 2005. This introduction is also the introduction to a book currently being produced about the project. The book is the conclusion of the project its aim is to describe the making process, discuss the main ideas surrounding the archive, present the sound archive on DVD and CD Rom with index system and also to act as a document of the project
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Pages 165
Format Paperback
Publisher CBAT
Related Artist Jennie Savage
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Radio, Place, Everyday life
Related City/Region Cardiff
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