Jennifer Durrant: Paintings

Jennifer Durrant: Paintings
Library Shelf Location 18.DURR
Publication Date 1987
Abstract The abundant sense of life and colour in Jennifer Durrent's painting makes her a most appropriate artist to be showing at the Serpentine gallery in early Summer. Few painters of her generation can match her boldness of approach; none that I can think of attempt large scale paintings which encompass within an unforced gradeur so varied an emotional range. Jennifer Durrabt's earlier exhibitions at the Arnolfini, Bristol and the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford - together with her shows at the Nicola Jacobs Gallery - have ensured public exposure for her art: yet some of the paintings showing here have 'slept' for ten years, rolled in the gloom of a Stockwell depot. It is a great pleasure to wake them up in the Serpentine in the company of many new and beautiful paintings fresh from the studio.
ISBN 0728705370
Quantity 1
Pages 48
Author Alister Warman
Format Paperback
Publisher Arts Council of Great Britain
Related Artist Jennifer Durrant
Categories Painting, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Related Gallery Serpentine Gallery, London
Language English

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