Jeremy Deller: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

Jeremy Deller: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
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Publication Date 2013

All that Is Solid Melts into Air is a personal journey through the Industrial Revolution, guided by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller. It investigates what remains in the present day from this crucial period in British history, from our relationship with technology and the regimentation of time and work, to industrial accidents and the rise of heavy metal music. The society we have inherited, our towns and cities, the social formations, cultural traditions, class divisions, inequalities of wealth and opportunity, derive to an overwhelming extent from the age of the Industrial Revolution. In his reflections on the sweeping effects of this era, Deller uncovers affinities and connections across historical epochs and finds new meanings in familiar images and stories. The dead are in our imaginations coexistent with the living; their songs, complaints and protests, represented here in images, quotations, broadsides and song-sheets, resonate with those of our own time. This richly illustrated publication features a vast range of objects and images, including new work by Deller, historical paintings depicting factories and forges, political tracts, poems and popular ballads against exploitation.

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air: Jeremy Deller is the beautiful catalogue accompanying the latest in Hayward Touring's celebrated series of artist-curated exhibitions, opening at Manchester Art Gallery and afterwards touring to Nottingham, Coventry and Newcastle.

ISBN 9781853323195
Quantity 1
Pages 80
Author Roger Malbert
Format Paperback
Publisher Hayward Publishing, London
Related Artist Jeremy Deller
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Industrial, Industry, Technology, History
Language English

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