JIm Shaw: The Rinse Cycle: Archive Research File

JIm Shaw: The Rinse Cycle: Archive Research File
Archive Shelf Location 24/18.SHAW
Publication Date 2012

A file containing printed material relating to the exhibition 'Jim Shaw: The Rinse Cycle'.

Jim Shaw professional and personal history.


Cover Images, Jim Shaw Catalogue, jrp ringier (and accompanying identification key); Capitol Viscera Appliances mural, 2011, acrylic on muslin, 500 x 1016 cm; compilation of Jim Shaw influences; list of Jim Shaw works; Technical Manager's Draft Plan for Gallery Layout.


Jim Shaw, Annie Buckley, Artforum, 2008; Jim Shaw's Real Mirage: A Partial Inventory, Doug Harvey, Afterall, 2008; A Thousand Words: Jim Shaw Talks About His Dream Project, Rachel Kushner, Artforum, 2000; Garbage Collector, Oliver Bennett, The Guardian, 2000; exerpt from article on Jim Shaw, source unknown; Punks Out of the Past, Doug Harvey, Modern Painters, 2012; Jim Shaw, Ed Schad, Flaunt, 2010; Shaw's Carnival of the Mind, Michael Duncan, Art in America, 2000; Prop Department, Doug Harvey, Modern Painters, 2009; The Annotated Artwork: The Donner Party, Rachel Wolff, New York 2007; The Artless Dodger: Jim Shaw and His Endless Compendium, Claire Barliant, Afterall, 2008; Jim Shaw - Metro Pictures, Mason Klein, Artforum, 2001; excerpts from Lipstick Traces, John Sharp; Jim Shaw, Amy Gerstler, Artforum, 1998; Jim Shaw: From the Shakers to The Avengers, Laurence Sillars, Jim Shaw: The Rinse Cycle, 2012; The Rinse Cycle, Jim Shaw, Rob Wilkes, Art & Culture, 2012; Dark landscapes of the soul, Art Quarterly, 2012; The Golden Book of Knowledge, 1989, Jim Shaw (Interview of Laurence Sillars), John Holt, Museums Journal, 2013; Jim Shaw, Chad Elias, Frieze, 2013; Artist Jim Shaw stuffs American pop culture through the Rinse Cycle, Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 2012; How tat became collectors' items, David Whetstone, The Journal, 2012; First ever full-scale survey of Jim Shaw's work opens ar BALTIC centre for Contemporary Art,, 2012; Exhibition Preview: Jim Shaw: The Rinse Cycle, Malcolm Cook, Culture24, 2012; Why don't you... explore a surreal world?, Helena Lee, Harpers Bazaar, 2012; Jim Shaw, Rachel Withers, ArtForum, 2013; The Rinse Cycle: Jim Shaw, Dr Mark Wetherell, The Psychologist, 2013; Lots of 'Sunshine,' Little Light, Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times, 1997; The Graphic Obsession - Remains of the Dreams, Rosanna Albertini, Art Press, 1997; A Noble Art/Jim Shaw, Neal Brown, Frieze, 2001; Jim Shaw: Casino Luxembourg, Jan Verwoert, Frieze, 1999; Destroy All Monsters - Jan Tumlir on Motor City Madness, Jan Tumlir, ArtForum, 2004; Jim Shaw, Chris Danby, Frieze, 2006; Unpopular Authorship: The Drawings of Jim Shaw, Greg Purcell, NY Arts, 2004; Art View: 'Outsider Art' Goes Beyond the Fringe, Roberta Smith, NY Times, 1991; Shaw's Wildly Funny Narrative Saga, Christopher Knight, LA Times, 1990; Night Vision, Doug Harvey, LA Weekly, 2005; Art Utopia, Holly Myers, LA Weekly, 2008; Duking it out at Patrick Painter with Jim and Peter and Glenn: Agree to dis, Doug Harvey, LA Weekly, 2008; The Sleep of Reason, David Reisman, Texte zur Kunst, 1997; The Night Watchman, Kristine McKenna, LA Times, 1995; Jim Shaw: Cakes, Men in Pain, White Rectangles, Devil in the Details, exhibition announcement, Artslant, 2011; Jim Shaw: My Mirage (List of Jim Shaw Books), jrp ringier, 2011; Blum & Poe's first solo exhibition with Los Angeles based artist Jim Shaw opens,, 2013.


Collective Vision: An Interview with Jim Shaw, Dan Nadel, TCJ, 2012; Jim Shaw in Conversation, Andy Holden, Turps Banana, 2009; 24 Questions for Artist Jim Shaw, Chloe Wyma, Artinfo, 2012; Interview with Jim Shaw, John C. Welchman, Doppiozero, 2012; Interview With Jim Shaw, Tony Oursler,, 2002; Q&A Jim Shaw, Francesca Gavin, Dazed & Confused, 2012; Culture talks: Jim Shaw, John-Paul Pryor, AnOther, 2012; Jim Shaw Talks with Dani Tull about his Paintings, Dani Tull, New Yorks Arts Magazine, 2007; Jim Shaw's Top Ten, ArtForum, 1998.

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The Guardian, Aesthetica, The Times (Saturday Review), Sunday Sun (Newcastle upon Tyne), Let's Go (Ryanair),, The Times, Independent, North East Times Magazine, Country & Town House, The Independent (Radar), ArtForum, The Observer, The Guardian Guide, Accent Magazine, World of Interiors, GQ Magazine, The Observer (Review), Saga, The Crack, Living North (North East).


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Related Artist Jim Shaw
Related Event Jim Shaw: The Rinse Cycle (9 Nov 2012 to 17 Feb 2013)
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