Johannes Helden: Astroecology

Johannes Helden: Astroecology
Library Shelf Location 18.HELD
Publication Date 2016

Johannes Heldén’s Astroecology begins from an eschatological place: the world as we know it is ending, and this cosmic ending can be witnessed in that most intimate and privileged of places, the private estate. Astroecology finds us in a real house and a real garden, surrounded by endlessly meaningful details, arranged with the precision of a Twin Peaks-like murder mystery. In a series of filmic visual frames and corresponding textual notes, Heldén offers a poetics that twists the organic (plants, pets, decay and growth) and the inorganic (drones, data systems, AI) into each other as a kind of avant-garde Mobius strip. A dazzling intertexuality unfolds: Inger Christensen’s indexical impulse meets Hayao Miyazaki’s surrealism, Chris Marker’s stark montage meets Robert Smithson’s iconography, Ursula LeGuin’s social investigation meets Norbert Weiner’s theory of cybernetics. In letting the reader-viewer get “stuck in the stream of evolution” over and over again, Heldén brings us to profound unanswerable questions about the origins of the universe: its processes, systems, and vanishing species of creature and thought.

ISBN 9781938247224
Quantity 1
Pages 60
Authors Kirkwood Adams, Elizabeth Clark Wessel
Format Hardback
Publisher Argos Books
Related Artist Johannes Helden
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Nature, Technology, apocalyptic, Dystopia
Language English

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