Joris Ghekiere

Joris Ghekiere
Library Shelf Location 18.GHEK
Publication Date 2004
Description From the artist's gallery, Toomey-Tourell (not directly related to this book) Joris Ghekiere lives and works in Belgium. His work deals with the contemporary reality of how images are perceived and then assimilated into the fabric of our lives. In the day-to-day bombardment of text and visual which assaults the senses through advertising, television, the fast stream of computer imagery, etc., we often respond to the simulation of the image rather than the reality of the physical object itself. Ghekiere's work concerns itself with the floating images that comprise, and often take the place of, human experience. Layers of resin added to the completed painting serve to further objectify the image and distance the viewer from the "realness" of the scene or object they are viewing.
ISBN 9076979200
Quantity 1
Pages 80
Authors Gerrit Vermeiren, Hilde Van Gelder
Format Hardcover
Publisher Merz
Related Artist Joris Ghekiere
Category Painting
Related Gallery Toomey Tourell Gallery , San Francisco
Artist's Nationality Belgian
Language English

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