Julia Vogl: Social Protest

Julia Vogl: Social Protest
Library Shelf Location ABC–VOGL
Publication Date 2016

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SOCIAL PROEST is 457 individual protests in 279 photographs taken across 31 towns and cities in 8 countries with 5 signs in one year. This experience captured in 2013 is now an interactive limited edition art book exploring the power or pointlessness of protests today.

The book is interactive. Featuring a removable cover that can act as your protest sign, it also includes 31 postcards that you can write to share your protests with friends, family, neighbours or political representatives 

This is not just a book; it’s a game you can play, it’s a platform for political, ethical conversations with friends/families and strangers. 

It provides hard data you can analyse about the issues that are important in our world today. I designed it to be more then a coffee table book to encourage you to get involved!

Featuring: Three essays by me- artist Julia Vogl , activist Lily Brent and writer Tom Jeffreys, exploring the role of protest today. The other 280 pages are photos. You will also find an index divided by location, by slogan and by theme. Although the photos are ordered by colour, you can read the book in any order you choose!


ISBN 9781526206442
Quantity 1
Pages 300pp
Format Paperback with cardboard removable cover
Publisher Divide and Concur
Related Artist Julia Vogl
Categories Artists' Books, BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Protest, Political activism, socially engaged

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