Julie Nord: Xenoglossy

Julie Nord: Xenoglossy
Library Shelf Location 18.NORD
Publication Date 2011
Description The distinguished drawer takes the spectator on a surrealistic trip to a place where girls with doll faces, spotted dalmatians, butterflies, birds, strange houses and plants coincide. A place between dream and nightmare. But the most interesting elements are the empty spaces in the detailed and ornamented drawings. The Danish artist Julie Nord shows old and new works at Aros in Århus. The exhibition is a staged show of all of Julie Nord’s remarkable oeuvre. The pictures made with pencil, markers and watercolor are not pulled down by the heaviness of the art history of painting, but makes references to fairy tales, gothic illustrations, catoons, childrens books illustrations, psychedelic art and even tattoos or doodles. In this way the works seem light and playful and are intermingled with our close reality. And furthermore questions the creation of illusions and realities. The exhibition is called Xenoglossy, which means talking in tongues, or when a person in a trance speaks a language he or she does not know. In this way the title very accurately points to the varied imaginative vocabulary in Nords art, but also to the most interesting parts of the heavy ornamented drawings: the empty spaces. The spaces are sometimes like white speech bubbles just hanging there as not understandable expression, an unanswered question or as a space for the spectator to fill in the blank with his or her own imagination.
ISBN 9788792184078
Quantity 1
Pages 96
Authors Peter Land, Maria Kappel Blegvad
Format Hardback
Publisher Nordic Watercolour Museum
Related Artist Julie Nord
Categories Drawing, Illustration
Keywords Dreams, Fantasy, Fairy Tales
Artist's Nationality Danish
Language English

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