Julio le Parc: Kinetic Works

Julio le Parc: Kinetic Works
Library Shelf Location 18.PARC
Publication Date 2013
Description In his work with kinetic light, Julio Le Parc (*1928 in Mendoza) makes use of mechanical light devices and reflective mobiles to present an aesthetic interplay of light and motion. In the late fifties, Le Parc emigrated from Argentina to Paris, where he and other like-minded artists, such as François Morellet, grounded the Group de Recherche d’Art Visuel. In the sixties he and his fellow artists performed a radical break with predominant art traditions, moving away from the image to dynamics and thus toward a process that made it impossible to observe a work from a static perspective. Featuring objects from the Daros Latin America Collection, this publication offers a comprehensive view of Le Parc’s kinetic light works, which continually recreate and dissolve space while at the same time drawing the viewer directly into the total work of art.
ISBN 9783775736916
Quantity 1
Pages 254
Authors Hans-Michael Herzog, Katrin Steffen
Format Paperback
Publisher Hatje Cantz Verlag, Stuttgart and Berlin
Related Artist Julio le Parc
Categories Installation, Sculpture
Keywords Kinetic Art, Light Art
Artist's Nationality Argentinian
Language English

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