Just perfect for region's art lovers

Just perfect for region's art lovers
Publication Date 26 Sep 2005

"Just perfect for region's art lovers' Visitors to The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art each had their own views on the British Art Show - but that surely, is what art is about. The show features the work of 50 artists living in the United Kingdom and the sculptures, video installations and paintings take up four floors at the venue. It is a vey big deal - and the region's art lovers were out in force over the weekend to see what was on offer. Predictable some liked it and others liked parts of it. Some could not make their minds up but they were more than welcome to take another look. The point though is that Tyneside is once again paying host to a major art event and that is something everyone seemed to be positive about. Events like the British Art Show tend to gravitate towards proven venues - The Baltic now is exactly that. Get along and see the show - and get ready to see the ones which will follow.

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Issue Journal (City Edition) (Newcastle) 26.09.2005
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