Kathryn Elkin: Queen: Symposium Day

Publication Date 01 Dec 2018

Artist Kathryn Elkin (born 1983, Belfast) presents her new single-channel video work Queen completed during her time as Warwick Stafford Fellow at Northumbria University during 2017/18.

This symposium day (1 Dec 2018) includes a screening event curated in response to Elkin’s new work by Lux Co-Director Maria Palacios Cruz, and a suite of performances from collaborators and peers Elkin met and began dialogue with during her fellowship.

Documentation of the performances (in order of appearance) by:

Heather Bonnie Reid, Katy Bentham, Grace Denton, Nicola Singh and Rene McBrearty. Plus an introduction to the screening programme by Maria Palacios Cruz.

The following works were screened in response to Queen by Kathryn Elkin:

Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby - The Fine Arts (3 min)
John Smith - Unusual red cardigan (14 min)
Laure Provost - Strong Story (Brother/Cake) - (2 min)
Miranda Pennell - You Made Me Love You (5 min)
Tina Keane - Clapping Songs (6 min)
Peggy Ahwesh - Martina's Playhouse (20 mins)
Abigail Child - Mutiny Is This What You Were Born For? (10 min)

Speaker Maria Palacios Cruz
Format MPEG 4
Related Artists Kathryn Elkin, Heather Bonnie Reid, Katy Bentham, Grace Denton, Nicola Singh
Categories Film and Artists' Moving Image, Live Art/Performance
Related Event Kathryn Elkin: Queen (8 November – 13 December 2018)
Related Gallery BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

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